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Who We Are

Makeda Enterprises offers a variety of services to African immigrant businesses to increase their revenue by providing government contracts in their niche markets. This includes Information Technology companies, for which there are government-preferred contracts valued at $20 billion per year. Other areas include Engineering contracts worth $400 million, maintenance facilities contracts worth $506 million and CPAs worth $480 million, in addition to more general staffing and consulting contracts worth over $11 billion.
Due to corrupt African governments, most African immigrants are unfamiliar with the process and procedures for successfully competing for US government contracts. Additional services provided include grant writing, business documentation, business registration, and other financial services. Makeda Enterprises accesses African Diaspora clients through established nationwide networks supported by 2.1M African immigrants and 200,000 businesses.
As an African immigrant business owner, Anna Namakula-Sanow understands the obstacles fellow immigrants face daily, due to limited information about government programs and access to expert referrals. Makeda Enterprises is here to assist companies in overcoming those obstacles and successfully maximizing their revenue.

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